monit-graphite is a quick'n'dirty fabric script to install monit on a debian squeeze box
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Monit-Fabric - a fabric installer for Monit on Debian Squeeze

monit-graphite is a quick'n'dirty fabric script to install Monit on a debian squeeze box


I couldn't find a backport install and I like fabric, so it keeps all the installation steps. It's easier than writing a blog post and documenting each step


  • Workstation running python (version 2.7 recommended). All platforms should be supported.
  • Fabric - can be installed via pip install fabric or easy_install fabric
  • a server running a Debian squeeze

Target Host

Best to execute this on a clean virtual machine running Debian 6 (Squeeze).

Installation Instructions

run fab monit_install -H root@{hostname} (hostname should be the name of a virtual server you're installing onto)

It might prompt you for the root password on the host you are trying to instal onto.

You can use it with a user other than root, as long as this user can sudo.


Please try this at your own risk. Please run this only with a newly installed host that you can easily throw away! I tested it only with Debian 6 on EC2.