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This is a spare time project and is maintained occasionally.


Gglib framework is a collection of graphics related libraries and tools written in Typescript. It abstracts WebGL calls and provides a simplified interface for graphics rendering.

Project structure

This project uses yarn workspaces and gulp tasks

  ├── assets              // Contains assets (textures, models, materials etc.) that are shared across all apps
  ├── apps                // Contains workspaces for everything that is executable
  │   ├── web             // Workspace for the gglib website
  │   ├── ...             //
  ├── packages            // Contains workspaces for all gglib packages
  │   ├── ...             //
  ├── tools               // Contains workspaces for build tools
  │   ├── gglib           // build tasks for the gglib packages
  │   ├── ...             //


get source code

$ git clone
$ cd glib

install dependencies

$ yarn install

build the packages and the website

$ yarn build