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Source codes for http://www.maphub.cn


The CMS was desinged as the container for GIS showing as the very beginning. It has the basic map showing, map overlaying, GIS data editing funtion now. And, the CMS could used to publish different kind the information, such as basic HTML page, JavaScript app, maps, multimedias.

Building the environment

python3 -m venv ~/vpy_maplet
source ~/vpy_maplet/bin/activate
pip3 install -r doc/requirements.txt
git clone https://github.com/bukun/torcms_f2elib.git static/f2elib
git clone https://github.com/bukun/torcms_modules_bootstrap.git templates/modules



\set dbname maplet
CREATE USER :dbname WITH PASSWORD '131322' ;
CREATE DATABASE :dbname OWNER :dbname ;
\c :dbname ;
create extension hstore;

Backup the database: postgres user

pg_dump -h localhost -U maplet maplet   > pg_maplet-`date +%F`.sql

Import the database backup file: postgres user

psql -d maplet -U maplet -f pg_maplet-xx.sql