Mapping wetland hydrological dynamics using Google Earth Engine (GEE)
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Mapping wetland hydrological dynamics using Google Earth Engine (GEE)

Author: Qiusheng Wu ( |


This repo was created to share the Google Earth Engine source code and results for the following manuscript currently under review at Remote Sensing of Environment.

  • Wu, Q., Lane, C.R., Li, X., Zhao, K., Zhou, Y., Clinton, N., DeVries, B., Golden, H.E., & Lang, M.W. (2018). Integrating LiDAR data and multi-temporal aerial imagery to map wetland inundation dynamics on Google Earth Engine. Remote Sensing of Environment. (under review)

Source Code

We have developed a GUI application (Wetland Hydrology Analyst) for mapping wetland inundation dynamics using multi-temporal aerial imagery and LiDAR data. The application can be found in our public GEE repository. To access the application, visit this URL: It will add the users/giswqs/public repository to your GEE account. Once added, the repository can be found within the Reader permission group of your GEE scripts library. There you’ll find the user interface application - Wetland Hydrology Analyst.

Alternatively, you can directly open the application via the link below:

Google Earth Engine Interface


Multi-temporal NAIP aerial imagery (1-m) in the Prairie Pothole Region


Comparison of wetland inundation maps