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Merge pull request #1567 from derrickstolee/whitespace
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dscho committed Mar 19, 2018
2 parents 2cc3565 + b113e82 commit 52f89a9
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Expand Up @@ -316,6 +316,7 @@ Here are some other tips that we use when cleaning up our commits:
* Make sure the commits are signed off using `git commit (-s|--signoff)`. See
for more details about what this sign-off means.
* Check for whitespace errors using `git diff --check [base]...HEAD` or `git log --check`.
* Run `git rebase --whitespace=fix` to correct upstream issues with whitespace.
* Become familiar with interactive rebase (`git rebase -i`) because you will be reordering,
squashing, and editing commits as your patch or series of patches is reviewed.
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