terminal game to test git skills
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Welcome to the git-game!!

This is a terminal game designed to test your knowledge of git commands. Each level in the game is a task to perform on this repo. Once you perform that task, you will be given your next task. There are a total of ten levels, each one harder than last!

Let's get this journey started!!

Clone this repository by running:

$ git clone https://github.com/hgarc014/git-game.git

Don't know a lot about git??

Then you should check these files for assistance:



Otherwise, you are free to continue...

You can win a badge for completing this game!

learn more about badges here: https://openbadgefactory.com/faq

You should always check the README.md file for your next clue!

Level 1

Your first task is to checkout the commit whose commit message is the answer to this question:

When a programmer is born, what is the first thing he/she learns to say?