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Kudos Contract

This contract is deployed to the mainnet at 0x2aea4add166ebf38b63d09a75de1a7b94aa24163 and on rinkeby at 0x4077aE95EeC529D924571d00e81ECdE104601AE8

Here is a link to the security audit which was performed by ZKLabs before launch..

Getting started

First you need to install all of the requirements to run truffle and a local testrpc.

  • npm install -g truffle ganache-cli to install Truffle and Ganache-cli.
  • npm install to install npm requirements.

Truffle will use the "development" network by default. This assumes that you are running a testrpc on localhost at port 8545.

Running the tests

  • truffle test --network test

Developing on Gitcoin Web

The source repository (in development) is here --

Kudos relies on the blockchain to mint the tokens. After each token is minted, the data in sycn'ed to the database. The Gitcoin docker-compose.yml file runs an instance of the testrpc, which is your local blockchain.

Once the docker-compose environment and testrpc is up, you can deploy the contract code. If you run docker-compose logs -f testrpc while you deploy the contract, you can see the Contract address in the debug output.

  • truffle migrate --reset --build-all to build and deploy the Kudos.sol contract.

Developing on the Test App (Deprecated)

To run the blockchain and app locally:

  • In a separate window, run ganache-cli. It should now be running locally on port 8545.
  • truffle migrate --reset --build-all to build and deploy the Kudos.sol contract.
  • npm run dev to start up the web server. The app should be running locally on port 300.
  • Copy the (0) private key and import it into Meta Mask in your browser. This is the default account that Tokens will be minted to. You should have around ~97 ETH to play with.

See also

Using the Test App (Deprecated)


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