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@StanleyGoldman StanleyGoldman released this Aug 7, 2018

GitHub for Unity 1.0.2 - Treebeard



  • #841 - Hanging on Initialization
  • #854 - Progress bar does not update
  • #873 - Fix authentication

Level Grinding

@shana shana released this Jul 10, 2018 · 52 commits to master since this release

GitHub for Unity 1.0.1 - Level Grinding

Level Grinding


  • #835 - Locked files not appearing in Locks tab
  • #839 - New branch cannot push to origin
  • #830 - Changes tree incorrectly parents meta files (thanks @profet23)
  • #851 - "Release Lock" in menu item is always disabled (thanks @ykush)

Mona Lisa Octocat

@shana shana released this Jun 18, 2018

GitHub for Unity 1.0.0 - Mona Lisa Octocat

Wizard Mona


  • Git and LFS setup and configuration
  • Repository setup and initialization
  • File locking
  • Commit
  • Push/Pull/Fetch
  • History viewing
  • Diffing support
  • Branch management
  • Authentication and publish to GitHub

Fixes from 1.0 RC4

  • #785 #823 - Periodically poll for lfs locks
  • #822 - Fix regression when reading output in non-ASCII locales

Enough Standing By

@shana shana released this Jun 4, 2018

1.0 RC4 - Enough Standing By


  • Fixes issue where Unity would lock up waiting for credentials when running git lfs

Please Stand By

@StanleyGoldman StanleyGoldman released this Jun 1, 2018 · 1 commit to releases/1.0.0rc3 since this release

1.0 RC3 - Please Stand by

© Bethesda Softworks LLC


  • #55 Add support for diffing files and folders from the Changes view
  • #795 Add support for LFS locking/unlocking more than one file at a time
  • Account dropdown now shows username information when signed in


  • #687 Sign out functionality does not work for existing projects
  • #785 LFS locks are refreshed more often
  • #817 Don't trample an existing SynchronizationContext
  • Plugin shuts down faster
  • Various fixes and improvements


@shana shana released this May 24, 2018

1.0 RC2


  • #786 - Allow lock IDs to be strings, some servers return that instead of ints
  • #787 - Exception thrown in Changes view when there are no locks
  • Changes and Locks view are sometimes disabled

Boss Fight

@shana shana released this May 22, 2018 · 227 commits to master since this release

1.0 RC1 - "Boss Fight"

Guacamelee boss fight
By DrinkBox Studios - CC BY-SA 3.0


This is the first release candidate for GitHub for Unity 1.0, and it includes a number of visual changes and internal improvements:

  • Locked files management is now on its own top-level view, for easier access
  • Action bar (push/pull/fetch/account) is now always available regardless of current view
  • Progress reporting added on all views
  • Plugin checks for updates once a day
  • Git is no longer bundled with the package (so the package is smaller) and it gets downloaded if there's no available git on the system.


  • #769 - Request/Release lock no longer fails silently
  • Fixed a number of issues in parsing and displaying locked files.
  • #770 - Git output is now shown in error messages
  • #699 - Icons placed incorrectly on files without icons
  • #639 - Add better error output for Publish operations
  • #782 - Push button is invisible sometimes
  • #764 - Only clearing the commit message and body on commit success
  • #762 - Fix discarding when repo path != project path

A Hopeful Start

@shana shana released this May 17, 2018 · 323 commits to master since this release



Update git to 2.17.0


  • Fix "Set to bundled" in Settings view
  • Fix discarding changes when repo path != project path
  • Make Pull/Push/Fetch/Publish actions globally available in a toolbar on top


This release contains no changes



  • Fix downloading updates
  • Fix version comparisons bugs
  • Avoid refreshing the window too much (PR #753)



  • Fix installation of lfs on mac
  • Fix detection of git on mac
  • WebTimeout value is now restored from settings
  • Log path is now created if it doesn't exist
  • Project window no longer loses icons on domain reload



  • #702 The plugin checks for new updates automatically
  • Git and Git LFS are downloaded when needed instead of bundled, reducing the package size considerably.


  • #696 Assets view sometimes has incorrect icon overlays
  • #686 Users appear authenticated after exiting 2FA process early
  • #625 Quotation marks and other symbols in commit message or body
  • #684 No option to revert commits
  • #685 Allow sign in with email
  • #706 Signout functionality seems slow
  • #709 Plugin starts without loading git user and email
  • #474 Logging not following platform standard
  • #711 Files locked by others cannot be unlocked
  • #572 Git fetch also fetches tags
  • Various fixes to how git is detected and setup

Grumble, Worldshaker

@StanleyGoldman StanleyGoldman released this Apr 17, 2018


Release Notes

This release fixes a bug where the changes view does not nest elements correctly.


  • #695 Changes are incorrectly sorted/nested

Mr. Grumble

@StanleyGoldman StanleyGoldman released this Apr 12, 2018 · 613 commits to master since this release


Release Notes

This release fixes a critical issue where the user interface does not refresh properly.


  • #679 Views freeze when re-opening project