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The GitHub Archive Program & Arctic Code Vault

This repository is home to materials for the GitHub Archive Program.

We previously opened the Guide to the GitHub Code Vault to community input. This guide is included at the beginning of each of the 186 hardened film reels we used to archive every active public GitHub repository as of 2/2/2020. Please create a pull request for any specific proposed additions, deletions, or edits you may have for future iterations of the guide.

In additional to the professional translations of the Guide into Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish, the GitHub community has translated it into Farsi, French, Greek, German, Indonesian, Italian, Malayalam, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Tagalog, Tamil, Turkish, and Urdu. GitHub cannot take responsibility for the contents of these translations, but they may be extremely helpful in explaining the Guide and the larger Archive Program, and we are very grateful to our community for them. These community translations are available in the Community Guides directory of this repo..

We have also documented here those works which make up the archive's Tech Tree resources. Inspired by the Long Now Foundation's Manual for Civilization, the Tech Tree is a collection of technical works which document and explain the layers of technology on which today's open-source software relies, along with works included to provide additional cultural context for the Arctic Code Vault.

We continue to invite further suggestions and recommendations; please create a pull request for any specific proposed additions, deletions, or edits. You can also open an issue if you have a more general idea, although we particularly encourage specific and concrete suggestions in the form of pull requests.

To learn more about the GitHub Archive Program, visit its web site or watch this video.

To stay up to date with the GitHub Archive Program, click this link to subscribe.


The GitHub Archive Program & Arctic Code Vault


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