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MacSwinarski commented Dec 20, 2012

  • new property names
  • handling custom repository name correctly
  • handling FishEye URL without protocol, ending slash
  • docs

miszobi and others added some commits Dec 19, 2012

@miszobi miszobi Minor fixes - docs & field names
- Fix FishEye capitalization
- doc field names + tweaks
- make sure service param name matches expected form data
@miszobi miszobi sanitze url: strip trailing slashes, add http if no protocol bca5103
@MacSwinarski MacSwinarski Merge pull request #1 from miszobi/master
Modified input data names, docs, handling url without protocol, ending slash.

@technoweenie technoweenie and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Dec 30, 2012

- string :url_base, :token, :repository_name
- white_list :url_base, :repository_name
+ string :FishEye_Base_URL, :REST_API_Token, :FishEye_Repository_Name
+ white_list :FishEye_Base_URL, :FishEye_Repository_Name

technoweenie Dec 30, 2012


Is there a reason you changed these? It'll break all old fisheye hooks.


miszobi Dec 31, 2012


I've changed them to get more descriptive field names in the configuration form. matching the ones in FishEye.
Being able to trigger a scan remotely is a new feature, and not available in a released version yet, so breaking existing hooks shouldn't affect anybody.


miszobi commented Jan 10, 2013

@technoweenie If there aren't any issues, would it be possible to merge this? We'd like to test the integration before the release next week. Thanks!


technoweenie commented Jan 11, 2013

Hooks are on hold for various reasons until after next week. Also, since the keys are changing, we have to update the existing uses of the Hook to use the new filenames. They'll all break if they continue to send url_base, when the hook now looks for FishEye_Base_Url.


MacSwinarski commented Jan 29, 2013

if we get back to old keys would that make merging other changes (bug fixes) easier / faster ?


technoweenie commented Jan 29, 2013

Yes. Changing keys either breaks every hook, or forces me to update them
by hand. However, all updates are currently on hold as I make some
important changes to the GitHub Services backend. Once those are updated,
I'll resume pulling changes back in. I'm hoping I can have this stuff
finished this week, so I can merge the lingering pulls next week.


MacSwinarski commented Feb 14, 2013

hi @technoweenie, any idea when this could me merged;

MacSwinarski reopened this Feb 14, 2013


technoweenie commented Feb 14, 2013

Hey, don't worry about merge conflicts. I'll take care of them, since they're due to my refactoring.

We're still in the middle of a big hook backend transition. Once we're on the new backend, I'll make the change. Changing the property names requires some manual work in the DB so everyones existing hooks don't break. That's why this isn't merged yet.


MacSwinarski commented Mar 1, 2013

Hey @technoweenie, sorry to bother You but maybe you have some news;)



MacSwinarski commented Mar 18, 2013

Hi @technoweenie, any news? let me know how can we make this pull request merged. thx


technoweenie commented Mar 18, 2013

I have to find a time when I can manually migrate existing hooks over to use the new properties. You can revert the property name changes and make my job a lot easier :)

Maciej Swinarski added some commits Mar 19, 2013

Maciej Swinarski reverted back fisheye service field names, sanitze url: strip trailin…
…g slashes, add http if no protocol
Maciej Swinarski merge 73f24c4
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