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Dedicated command for authentication & configuration #225

stuartpb opened this Issue · 6 comments

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All I really use hub for is pulling down my own repos. As a result, I've never been prompted for my username/password to connect to the API, so I'm always prompted for my username. I'd appreciate some way to just trigger the configuration by itself.




You can drop something like this in ~/.config/hub:

- user: mislav



sheesh, can we have a little more love in our comments please?

Anyway, I think explicit user config is a good idea. I have two github accounts because I did lots of tutorials teaching how git and github works. Now I have a tutorial github account + a kewl code github account. I'd like to be able to pick which github account Hub is working with:

$  hub user
==> [n-jax]
     name = TheNotary
     email = no@mail.plz
     name = thisismygit
     email =

And I'd like to be able to change it on the fly:

$ hub user thisismygit
User set to [thisismygit]

For now I'm just deleting the ~/.config/hub file over and over, but that's hackish. Maybe it could be pulling up which user is active from git config --global or w/e the command is. Is the author still pulling in code? Looks like he's been out a couple months.

@mislav mislav changed the title from Explicit user configuration to Dedicated command for authentication & configuration
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