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Change unicorn config file name to be correct

PragTob made a commit to gitlabhq that renamed unicorn.rb.orig to unicorn.rb.example. This broke my attempted install on EC2, but this should fix the problem.
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1 parent 97fd28a commit b32385219f4a18e4cc0378fdb28441cd2cfcf708 @caleywoods caleywoods committed Sep 18, 2012
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@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ sudo sed -i 's/YOUR_SERVER_IP/'`wget -qO- http://instance-data/latest/meta-data/
sudo sed -i 's/YOUR_SERVER_FQDN/'`wget -qO- http://instance-data/latest/meta-data/public-hostname`'/' /etc/nginx/sites-available/gitlab # Set public dns domain name.
# Configure Unicorn
-sudo -u gitlab cp /home/gitlab/gitlab/config/unicorn.rb.orig /home/gitlab/gitlab/config/unicorn.rb
+sudo -u gitlab cp /home/gitlab/gitlab/config/unicorn.rb.example /home/gitlab/gitlab/config/unicorn.rb
# Create a Gitlab service
sudo wget -P /etc/init.d/

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