This PS script can redeploy and/or reset vCloud Director networks
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This PowerShell script can redeploy all types of vCloud Director Networks, such as:

  • vShield Edge Gateways
  • vApp Networks (natRouted, isolated) Edge Gateways
  • Isolated Org VDC Networks

The script takes as input either a CSV file with a list of networks (see vcdNetworksRedeployInputList.csv) or a list or vCD Organizations. In the latter case the script will execute a full Organization network reset, inclunding Edges, vApp Networks and Isolated Org VDC Networks. Using the parameter -Exclude [vApp,OrgVdc,Edge] it's possible to exclude a particular type of network from the redeployment.

The CSV input file must be formatted as following:

ORG_NAME = vCD Organization Name

VAPP_NAME = vApp Name

VS_NAME = vShield Edge (if applicable)

VS_TYPE = Type of network. Possible values: VS_EDGE, VS_APP, VS_ISOLATED

The -Exclude option accepted values are: vApp,OrgVdc,Edge

The -Orgs option takes a list of Organizations or "all" can be used to include all organizations

CSV Examples

ORG02,N/A,ORG01-VSE01,VS_EDGE,edge-1 <--- vShield Edge

ORG02,ORG07_vApp02,ORG02-vAppNet02,VS_ISOLATED,edge-15 <--- Isolated vApp Network

ORG03,ORG03_vAppRouted02,ORG03_vAppNet02,VS_VAPP,edge-17 <--- Routed vApp Network

ORG03,N/A,ISOLATED-NET01,VS_ISOLATED,edge-20 <--- Isolated Org VDC Network

Usage example 1:

vcdNetworksRedeploy -CSVInputFile ./vcdNetworksRedeployInputList.csv -vcdServer vcdserverFQDN

Usage example 2:

vcdNetworksRedeploy -vcdServer vcdserverFQDN -Orgs ORG01,ORG02,ORG03

Usage example 3:

vcdNetworksRedeploy -vcdServer vcdserverFQDN -Orgs ORG01 -Exclude vApp,OrgVdc

Usage example 4:

vcdNetworksRedeploy -vcdServer vcdserverFQDN -Orgs all -Exclude vApp