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Feelback integrations

This repository is part of the Feelback service.

What is Feelback?

Feelback is a service allowing to collect any type of feedback for your content, such as likes, reactions, ratings, suggestions, error reporting and so on. It integrates easily with any website with prebuilt components.

You can easily add:

  • Likes to blog posts
  • "Is this page useful?" with up/down votes on documentation pages
  • Emoji reactions to sections, parts or comments
  • "Send feedback" form for tips, appreciations or error reporting, with custom data

One Place For Any Content

You can manage all your web content types and signals in one place.

Content Performance At A Glance

You can track aggregate data by period, by volume and get a quick overview on user sentiment about your content.

Repository structure

This repository includes:

  • Integration SDKs with many frameworks and site builders -- dir packages
  • Integration examples with complete projects -- dir samples


All contribution are welcome. Any PR, issue and feedback is appreciated.


MIT © Giuseppe La Torre