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Statues! & more!

What is this repository?

This is just a legacy repository to keep track of a project I was very proud of as a kid (I was 15, back in 2012, when I created this thing...).

This was a Minecraft mod adding statues... & more. It was quite popular at the time and a similar functionality was added later in the core game.

What did the mod do?

It added customizable statues (you could change the skin, put any slab below it, add text on the slab, change the text color, put an armor on the statue, put an item in its hand, even change the model of the statue to make it look like a creeper, a skeleton...), and display cases (you could put an item in it, they looked like Skyrim's ones).

I was also coding a creative tool to make giant statues out of a skin URL: the item converted each pixel of the skin into a block (based on the nearest color).

Why did you wait so long to put your code on git?

At that time I barely knew what a VCS was, so I didn't have any repository to track my code... Just a bunch of directories, one per version. So each commit on this repository represents one of these directories, a version of the project, be indulgent, I was very bad at coding at this time ("What? I'm still bad at coding nowadays?"), and my english was even worse than today, as you will see by reading code comments or the changelog.

Files were served with Mediafire through, an URL shortener with embedded ads to support the development. Yes, it was really a poor development environment, and a very bad distribution system. Needless to say I didn't know what Continuous Integration was!

Why did you stop the development?

The mod became very popular (he hit more than 100k downloads, imagine my face as a 15 years old french nerd). It got featured on a lot of video reviews, some got a brazillion views. But the minecraft core code changed very quickly and it became increasingly difficult to maintain a mod. When MC1.3 was released, a new server-client architecture was introduced in the solo game, a mandatory evolution for the upcoming "open my solo game to LAN" functionality. Risugami's ModLoader, the modding API I used to create the mod, didn't manage well to overtake this evolution, and Risugami even dropped the API development after MC1.6. And so did I, way before 1.6, discouraged by the amount of work.

But the code was already free software at the time, released under the termes of the Creative Commons BY license (...yeah I didn't really know how licenses worked either). I didn't know what happenned to my project until quite recently, where a college buddy told me a fork of my mod had become more and more popular (more than a million downloads he said), being featured in FeadTheBeast mod packs (I'm not 100% sure, as I stopped playing Minecraft after that).

This still makes me very proud today, it was the very first project I did from conception to distribution, and it turned out to be an awesome experience for me. For this, I'd like to adress huge thanks to, a french modding community that was very active back in 2012, and people like NoNiMad (ironcraft admin, gros kissou sur ta joue gauche mec).

How did it look like?

Unfortunately I don't have any screenshot of the mod, because these screenshots were uploaded on shitty image uploaders who deleted them a long time ago.

And now?

Well, as I said before, the mod was forked, but the development of this fork is stopped too. A basic equivalent of the main functionality of the mod, some sort of armor stand, got implemented in MC1.8. But what my mod proposed was very different, and who knows, maybe one day... :)


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