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newbird pelican theme

newbird is a theme for Pelican, a static site generator written in Python. The theme relies heavily on new.css.


  • Lightweight, using minimal CSS and Javascript, resulting in snappy page loads
  • Google Analytics support via the GOOGLE_ANALYTICS variable
  • Twitter Cards metadata for when articles are shared on Twitter
  • Facebook Open Graph metadata for when articles are shared on Facebook
  • Jupyter Notebooks are supported via the liquid tags plugin
  • MathJax for adding mathematical notation into posts

Notably Excluded Features

  • This theme purposefully doesn't include social sharing buttons in order to keep it lightweight

Getting Started

For a working example of this theme, see


  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS to use Google Analytics, set this to your GA property id
  • TWITTER_CARDS should be a boolean indicating whether or not you'd like Twitter Cards to be used when your links are shared on Twitter
  • TWITTER_NAME should be your Twitter username. It is used to set the author metadata field for Twitter Cards.
  • LOGO_IMAGE should be the path to your site's logo, which will be displayed in metadata when links are shared on social networks
  • FAVICON_IMAGE should be the path to your site's favicon
  • INDEX_PAGE_HEADER is the message you'd like displayed on your index page, above the site DESCRIPTION.
  • NAV_LINKS is used for displaying the site's navigation bar. This variable should contain a list of dictionaries with each dictionary containing a name and url key: NAV_LINKS = [{'name': 'Blog', 'url': '/blog/', ...}].
  • COPYRIGHT_START_YEAR for displaying the site's copyright message in the footer


Index page

Screenshot of index page

Article page

Screenshot of article page


newbird is a theme for Pelican based on new.css






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