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This repository contains the HTML source code and additional resources for a presentation that I, Gregory M. Kapfhammer, gave during at the 2019 edition of the PyOhio conference with Madelyn Kapfhammer. The presentation's source code uses the Spectacle framework to control the display of each slide. I have developed a custom theme for the slides that manages the formatting, color scheme, and the use of icons. All of the colors in the presentation come from the Material Design color palette. Finally, the presentation uses icons from Font Awesome.

Installation Instructions

You can type the following command if you want to clone this repository:

git clone

Now you should install of all of the packages needed for the presentation:

npm install

Finally, you may need to ensure the correct version of the Babel loader. This command was suggested in the issue tracker for Spectacle; it sometimes resolved a problem that I was experiencing when I tried to build and display the presentation. Please consider trying this command if the presentation does not build and display correctly.

npm install babel-loader@next

Please note that this package.json file will lead to the installation of a wide variety of Node modules, including required for the use of Font Awesome and the server needed to ensure that the display and presenter modes can communicate correctly. These installation instructions were tested on an Ubuntu 16.04 workstation running the 3.9.5 version of npm.

Displaying and Giving the Presentation

To start the rendering and display of the presentation type the command npm start in your terminal window. If you want to display the presentation to your audience, you can go the audience-mode site. If you want to see the presentation slides in a presenter mode, you can go to the presenter-mode site.

Debugging the Presentation

Since these slides are implemented in the Spectacle framework, you may need to use Chrome or Firefox Developer Tools, augmented with the React Developer Plugin, to resolve errors that prevent the slides from displaying correctly. In my experience, it is also important to use Developer Tools to check the slides at different simulated resolutions so as to ensure that they display properly when connected to a projector.

Problems or Praise

If you have any problems with installing or displaying this presentation, then please raise an issue associated with this Git repository using the "Issues" link at the top of this site. I will do everything that I can to resolve your issue and ensure that the presentation works correctly.


🚀 Slides for a Technical Presentation Given at the PyOhio 2019 Conference




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