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This repository contains a BibTeX file for all of the research papers, presentations, volumes edited, supervised theses, and supervised presentations of me, Gregory M. Kapfhammer. You are free to use any of the entries in this file if you are interested in citing one of these research deliverables in a LaTeX document. This repository is used in gkapfham/curriculum-vitae to automatically create several sections of my curriculum vitae.

Installation Instructions

You can type the following command if you want to clone this repository:

git clone

Now, you can type cd research-bibliography and use the BibTeX file in your own LaTeX project. Alternatively, a document that cites all of the entries in this bibliography can be compiled on an Ubuntu 15.04 LTS workstation using pdflatex and biber; you may also compile to a PDF file using a wide variety of other tools, such as latexmk. You can type the following commands to create the summary document.

pdflatex research_bibliography.tex
biber research_bibliography.bcf
pdflatex research_bibliography.tex
pdflatex research_bibliography.tex

If you find that some of the entries are incorrectly formatted and thus your LaTeX and BibTeX tools are not processing them correctly, please open a new issue and I will attempt to resolve your concerns. If you find this repository useful, then I hope that you will star it.

Bibliography Samples

Research Paper

    author    = {Chris J. Wright and Gregory M. Kapfhammer and Phil McMinn},
    title     = {The impact of equivalent, redundant, and quasi mutants on database schema mutation analysis},
    booktitle = {Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Quality Software},
    year      = {2014}

Research Presentation

    author       = {Gregory M. Kapfhammer},
    title        = {Regression testing techniques for relational database applications},
    howpublished = {At the University of Ulm},
    year         = {2012},
    addendum     = {Joint work with Jonathan Miller Kauffman and Mary Lou Soffa}

Volume Edited

    author   = {Wing-Kwong Chan and Christof J. Budnik and Gregory M. Kapfhammer and Hong Zhu},
    journal  = {Software Quality Journal},
    title    = {Special section: Exploring the boundaries of software test automation},
    year     = {2011},
    volume   = {19},
    number   = {3},
    keywords = {edit},

Supervised Undergraduate Thesis

  author      = {Anton Kotelyanskii},
  title       = {A comparison of parameter optimization techniques as applied to search-based test data generation},
  institution = {Department of Computer Science, Allegheny College},
  year        = {2014},
  number      = {CS14-10},
  type        = {Technical report},
  keywords    = {undergraduate}

Supervised MSc or PhD Thesis

  author = {Kristen R. Walcott-Justice},
  title  = {Testing in resource-constrained environments},
  school = {Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia},
  year   = {2012},

Supervised Presentation

  author        = {Joshua J. Geiger},
  title         = {Avoiding database restarts with test suite prioritization},
  howpublished  = {Undergraduate Research at the Capitol of Pennsylvania and Allegheny College Summer Research Symposium},
  year          = {2007},
  keywords      = {supervised}


📖 BibTeX Files for Gregory M. Kapfhammer's Research




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