The Scala+GWT project aims to compile Scala code for the browser via the GWT toolchain
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Site and Blog Source

This is generated using Jekyll to produce a static website including blog content.

HOWTO (for contributors)

Clone this repository:

git clone

Then go to work on the appropriate files.

While you are working, if you would like to preview locally, install and run jekyll. Something like this:

gem install jekyll
jekyll --server --auto

will allow you to open the preview of the site on http://localhost:4000 You may have to install some dependencies, like pygments, if you don't already have them.

When your changes are ready, just commit them and push back up to github:

git commit
git push

That's it! GitHub runs Jekyll as part of their GitHub Pages service, and will generate the static version of the site and mount it at the appropriate URL(s).


The content of this site is available under the MIT license. HTML and CSS derive from MIT-licensed originals; thanks, Tom Preston-Warner.