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GLaDOS Website

GLaDOS is trustable networking manager, a system to master your network.

Enter GLaDOS | Login | Register

Support Clients

Restricted Contents:

You cannot use GLaDOS—and therefore, cannot use GLaDOS softwares—for specific restricted contents. GLaDOS cannot support Politics Media, websites that publish gambling, pornography and hate-related materials.

This is because of regulations imposed through Government Network Rules or the requirements of Internet Services Providers.

Open for Education

GLaDOS Education helps students, teachers, and schools find the tools and resources they need to master their network.

It is our pleasure to provide students tools for learning and researching technologies and cultures.

Not only Firewalls can harm an open mind and open society, paywall and many walls do the same thing.

GLaDOS Team believes that any sort of walls should not prevent the education.

So we are open for education, free to students, teachers and educational applications.

Let us build a better and open society for our next generation.

How to apply for students:

Register GLaDOS, find the "For Education" link.

About GLaDOS

GLaDOS is short for Generic Local and Destination Operating System.

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