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@glandium glandium released this Jun 3, 2017 · 747 commits to release since this release

What's new since 0.4.0?

  • git-cinnabar-helper is now mandatory. You can either download one with git cinnabar download on supported platforms or build one with make helper.
  • Metadata changes require to run git cinnabar fsck.
  • Mercurial tags are consolidated in a separate (fake) repository. See the README file.
  • Updated git to 2.13.0 for git-cinnabar-helper.
  • Improved memory consumption and performance.
  • Improved experimental support for pushing merges.
  • Experimental support for clonebundles.
  • Removed support for the .git/hgrc file for mercurial specific configuration.
  • Support any version of Git (was previously limited to 1.8.5 minimum)
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