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Simplified actor concurrency DSL for python. Includes a distributed EventEmitter Mure stands for swarm in japanese.

Depends on

gevent for evented I/O kombu for transport abstraction pybonjour for automatic configuration

Actor Example

from mure.core import worker, send_message, connect, disconnect

def be_awesome(message):
    send_message('call_me_whenever_awesome_is_ready', 'awesomenator is being awesome, message: %s' % message)

def omg_awesome(message):
    print 'seems like someone was awesome: %s ' % message

if __name__ == "__main__":
    from time import sleep

from python, ipython or bpython:

from mure.core import send_message, connect, disconnect
send_message('awesomenator', 'release the kraken')

Distributed Event Emitter example

It works as node.js EventEmitters, inspired by pyee ( The same syntax applies, it packs the message as json, with a node id. Internally it avoids feedbacking the message back to the original sender. Run this example in different terminals

from mure.dee import DistEventEmitter
import os, json, time
from gevent import sleep, spawn

dbus = DistEventEmitter()

def producer():
    count =0
        count = count +1
        print count
        dbus.emit("message", "hnam %d" % count) 

def join_listener(msg):
    print "%s" % msg

def msg_listener(msg):
    print "received message: %s" % msg

def main():
    dbus.emit('join', "oeam")
    dbus.on('message', msg_listener)

if __name__ == "__main__":

node.js binding

If you are using kombu + redis there is a binding on node.js/ dir that reproduces its protocol on a kind of distributed event emitter. 
Basically it is a 2 or more channel redis based kombu port for node.js integrated to EventEmitter.  

On node.js

var dee = require("./dee")
dee = dee.create_dee();                                                         
dee.worker("/workers/jazz", function(w) { console.log(w) });                    
dee.send_message("/workers/delicious", "wot");

On Python

from mure.dee import DistEventEmitter
dbus = DistEventEmitter()

def msg_listener(msg): 
    print "received message: %s" % msg                                          
def main():
    dbus.on('/workers/delicious', msg_listener)    

if __name__ == "__main__":

Run examples/ in a term and then node.js/test.js to check the communication. This example is a self-counting event emitter with message exchange between two processes. To the original intent redis support is enough (just cheap signaling to a node.js process that could lose a step)

More examples

Check examples/ dir, run in a terminal and play around

Why ?

This is an compilation of the same code I've been using at different projects.
Basically it's an actor framework. Can't get easier than that.


pybonjour, otp interface, restmq transport, cluster status, node.js/ruby library