A reasonably functional Neo4j driver for the Julia programming language.
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Neo4j Neo4j Neo4j

A Julia client for the Neo4j graph database.

Really easy to use, have a look at test/runtests.jl for the available methods.

Basic Usage

c = Connection("localhost"; user="neo4j", password="neo4j")
tx = transaction(c)
tx("CREATE (n:Lang) SET n.name = \$name", "name" => "Julia")
tx("MATCH (n:Lang) RETURN n LIMIT {limit}", "limit" => 10)
results = commit(tx)

You can also submit a transaction to the server without committing it. This will return a result set but will keep the transaction open both on the client and server:

results = tx("MATCH (n) RETURN n"; submit=true)

Rollbacks are also supported:


If the goal is to simply run a MATCH query and get the result in the form of a DataFrames.DataFrame object, the cypherQuery function can be used. The cypherQuery implementation performs the query in a single transaction which automatically opens and closes the transaction:

results = cypherQuery("MATCH (n) RETURN n.property AS Property")