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vBulletin bbCode Parser

Parser package for vBulletin bbCode



composer require galahad/vbulletin-bbcode-parser


Basic Usage

$bbcode = '[font=Times New Roman]foo bar text[/font]';

$parser = new Parser;
echo $parser->parse($bbcode); // <span style="font-family: Times New Roman;">foo bar text</span>

To generate bbcodes with URLs, like [post] and [thread] just add an array of urls in the __constructor:

$parser = new Parser([
    'thread_url' => '{thread_id}/bar',
    'post_url' => '{post_id}',
    'attach_url' => '{attach_id}',
    'jira_url' => '{jira_id}',
    'user_url' => '{user_id}',

$parser->parse('[post=269302]Click Me![/post]');

To see all tags supported by this package take a look on Supported Tags section.

Custom Tags

If you have a custom tag you want to customize, or even override the default behaviour of an internal one, just extend with your own tag name:

$parser = new Parser;

$parser->extend('foo', function ($block, array $attributes, $content) {
    return '<a href="">' . $content . '</a>';

echo $parser->parse('[foo]some text here[/foo]');

As parameters received from the extend() method you have:

  • string $block: the entire bbcode passed like [foo]some text here[/foo] in this case;
  • array $attributes: an key/value array with all attributes we found in your bbcode, like ['font' => 'Times New Roman'] for the bbcode [font=Times New Roman]foo bar text[/font];
  • mixed $content: the tag content, like some text here.

You can also extend our parser using a custom class. It might have a render() method receiving $block, $attributes and $content as parameters, and might implements Galahad\Bbcode\Tags\CustomTagInterface interface.

$parser = new Parser;
$parser->extend('foo', Foo\Bar\FooTag::class);

Supported Tags

All supported tags you can find on this URL

Some tags return code based on the Bootstrap framework, like [warning], that returns a <div class="alert alert-warning"> element.

Tags Name Status
[b], [i], [u], [s] Bold / Italic / Underline / Strikethrough Passing
[color] Color Passing
[size] Font Size Passing
[font] Font Passing
[highlight] Highlight Passing
[left], [right], [center] Left / Right / Center Passing
[indent] Indent Passing
[email] Email Linking Passing
[url] URL Hyperlinking Passing
[thread] Thread Linking Passing
[post] Post Linking Passing
[list] Bulleted Lists / Advanced Lists Passing
[img] Images Passing
[code] Code Passing
[php] PHP Code Missing Syntax Highlight
[html] HTML Code Missing Syntax Highlight
[quote] Quote Passing
[noparse] Stop BB Code Parsing Passing
[attach] Attachment Passing
[a] Anchor Passing
[align] Align Passing
[floatright] Float Right Passing
[h2] Header 2 Passing
[h3] Header 3 Passing
[high] High Passing
[hr] Hr Passing
[imglft] Float Left Image Passing
[imgrft] Float Right Image Passing
[jira] Jira Add more tests
[lft] Float Left Passing
[minicode] Minicode Missing
[name] Name Passing
[node] Node Missing
[note] Note Passing
[pre] Pre Tag Passing
[process] Process Passing
[rft] Float Right Passing
[warning] Warning Passing

Running Tests

To run all unit tests just execute:


Or just phpunit if you are using it globally.


All contributions are welcome. Before submitting your Pull Request (PR) take a look on the following guidelines:

  • Make your changes in a new git branch, based on the development branch: git checkout -b my-fix-branch development;
  • Create your patch/feature, including appropriate test cases. Tests are necessary to make sure what you did is working and did not break nothing in the code;
  • Run the unit tests and ensure that all tests are passing;
  • In GitHub, send a pull request to the development branch, always, never send a PR to the master branch;
  • Make sure your code is following the PSR-2 conventions (


Parser package for vBulletin bbCode






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