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Initial prototype of the GlobaLeaks application, now superseaded.
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GlobaLeaks is the first Open Source Whistleblowing Framework.

It empowers anyone to easily setup and maintain their own Whistleblowing platform. It is also a collection of what are the best practices for people receiveiving and submitting material. GlobaLeaks works in various environments: media, activism, corporations, public agencies.

                            GlobaLeaks is under Development


Follow the howto on the wiki for a setup and get on irc #globaleaks to let us know about your deployment! :-)

Then you will find running as a web service the following:

How to hack on it

We moved to GlobaLeaks 0.2 development, for which you can find all the pointers and new git repo on .

GlobaLeaks 0.1 is feature-freeze, support only bugfixing.

To hack on it

You are invited to develop, using the web admin interface, because apply automatic checks before saving the code.

updated link-o-graphy

older pages: reference, documentation

GlobaLeaks hackathon soundtrack

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