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Opinionated Memcached Client
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Nodule memcached client bindings

Nodule-memcached is a library wrapper around the Memcached client, porting code from memcached-promisify and using it in the nodule-graphql context, binding the client to the graph,


This library assumes that in the config object of your nodule-config container you have a few config keys:

  • config.cache.enabled - true/false
  • config.cache.memcached.hosts - a comma-delimited array of memcached hosts
  • config.cache.memcached - an object configuring the Memcached client itself (see API here)

inside a nodule-graphql project's app.js:

import { bindServices } from '@globality/nodule-graphql';
import initializeCacheClient from '@globality/nodule-memcached';

// inside createApp()

initializeCacheClient binds the cache client on the graph, the client is accessible by:

const { client } = getContainer();

The memcached client itself is also available for import:

import { Cache } from from '@globality/nodule-memcached';

const client = new Cache({hosts: 'host1,host2', ...});

Local Development

Local development of nodule-memcached with other repos has a few common pitfalls related to the usage of peer dependencies:

  • nodule-config is a peer-dependency because various libraries act as plugins to it and it needs a single import of bottlejs to share plugin state

To work with nodule-memcached locally:

  1. Run yarn build within nodule-memcached to transpile the source.

  2. Change directories to your local repo that you want to test against nodule-memcached.

  3. Run yarn add /path/to/nodule-memcached to copy the transpiled source into your local repo. Do NOT use yarn link

  4. After running yarn add, remove (or move-of-the-way) the nodule_modules from within nodule_modules/@globality/nodule-memcached/

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