Easily access (read and write) globalize translated fields without fiddling with locale
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Generator of accessor methods for models using Globalize. Use globalize-accessors with a list of translated fields you want easily access to and extra locales array listing locales for which you want the accessors to be generated.

This way a single form can be used to edit given model fields with all anticipated translations.

globalize-accessors is compatible with both Rails 3.x and Rails 4.


gem install globalize-accessors


Definition like this:

class Product
  translates :title, :description
  globalize_accessors :locales => [:en, :pl], :attributes => [:title]

Gives you access to methods: title_pl, title_en, title_pl=, title_en=. These work seamlessly with Globalize (not even touching the "core" title, title= methods used by Globalize itself).

The :locales and :attributes options are optional. Their default values are:

:locales => I18n.available_locales
:attributes => translated_attribute_names

Calling globalize_accessors with no options will therefore generate accessor methods for all translated fields and available languages.

You can also get the accessor locales for a class with the globalize_locales method:

Product.globalize_locales # => [:en, :pl]

You can also get modified attribute names -- ideal for use with strong parameters -- with the globalize_attribute_names method:

Product.globalize_attribute_names # => [:title_en, :title_pl]

Example with strong parameters:


If you need to permit non-translatable attributes as well, you could include them with:

permitted = Product.globalize_attribute_names + [:position]

Always define accessors

If you wish to always define accessors and don't want to call the globalize_accessors method in every class, you can extend ActiveRecord::Base with a module:

module TranslatesWithAccessors

  def translates(*params)
    options = params.extract_options!
    options.reverse_merge!(:globalize_accessors => true)
    accessors = options.delete(:globalize_accessors)
    globalize_accessors if accessors



Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Tomek "Tomash" Stachewicz (http://tomash.wrug.eu), Robert Pankowecki (http://robert.pankowecki.pl), Chris Salzberg (http://dejimata.com) released under the MIT license