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The MongoDB driver for Go

This fork has had a few improvements by ourselves as well as several PR's merged from the original mgo repo that are currently awaiting review. Changes are mostly geared towards performance improvements and bug fixes, though a few new features have been added.

Further PR's (with tests) are welcome, but please maintain backwards compatibility.

Detailed documentation of the API is available at GoDoc.

A sub-package that implements the BSON specification is also included, and may be used independently of the driver.

Supported Versions

mgo is known to work well on (and has integration tests against) MongoDB v3.0, 3.2, 3.4 and 3.6.

MongoDB 4.0 is currently experimental - we would happily accept PRs to help improve support!


  • Fixes attempting to authenticate before every query (details)
  • Removes bulk update / delete batch size limitations (details)
  • Adds native support for time.Duration marshalling (details)
  • Reduce memory footprint / garbage collection pressure by reusing buffers (details, more)
  • Support majority read concerns (details)
  • Improved connection handling (details)
  • Hides SASL warnings (details)
  • Support for partial indexes (details)
  • Fixes timezone handling (details)
  • Integration tests run against MongoDB 3.2 & 3.4 releases (details, more, more)
  • Improved multi-document transaction performance (details, more, more)
  • Fixes cursor timeouts (details)
  • Support index hints and timeouts for count queries (details)
  • Don't panic when handling indexed int64 fields (details)
  • Supports dropping all indexes on a collection (details)
  • Annotates log entries/profiler output with optional appName on 3.4+ (details)
  • Support for read-only views in 3.4+ (details)
  • Support for collations in 3.4+ (details, more)
  • Provide BSON constants for convenience/sanity (details)
  • Consistently unmarshal time.Time values as UTC (details)
  • Enforces best practise coding guidelines (details)
  • GetBSON correctly handles structs with both fields and pointers (details)
  • Improved bson.Raw unmarshalling performance (details)
  • Minimise socket connection timeouts due to excessive locking (details)
  • Natively support X509 client authentication (details)
  • Gracefully recover from a temporarily unreachable server (details)
  • Use JSON tags when no explicit BSON are tags set (details)
  • Support $changeStream tailing on 3.6+ (details)
  • Fix deadlock in cluster synchronisation (details)
  • Implement maxIdleTimeout for pooled connections (details)
  • Connection pool waiting improvements (details)
  • Fixes BSON encoding for $in and friends (details)
  • Add BSON stream encoders (details)
  • Add integer map key support in the BSON encoder (details)
  • Support aggregation collations (details)
  • Support encoding of inline struct references (details)
  • Improved windows test harness (details)
  • Improved type and nil handling in the BSON codec (details, more)
  • Separated network read/write timeouts (details)
  • Expanded dial string configuration options (details)
  • Implement MongoTimestamp (details)
  • Support setting writeConcern for findAndModify operations (details)
  • Add ssl to the dial string options (details)

Thanks to

  • @aksentyev
  • @bachue
  • @bozaro
  • @BenLubar
  • @carldunham
  • @carter2000
  • @cedric-cordenier
  • @cezarsa
  • @DaytonG
  • @ddspog
  • @drichelson
  • @dvic
  • @eaglerayp
  • @feliixx
  • @fmpwizard
  • @gazoon
  • @gedge
  • @gnawux
  • @idy
  • @jameinel
  • @jefferickson
  • @johnlawsharrison
  • @KJTsanaktsidis
  • @larrycinnabar
  • @mapete94
  • @maxnoel
  • @mcspring
  • @Mei-Zhao
  • @peterdeka
  • @Reenjii
  • @roobre
  • @smoya
  • @steve-gray
  • @tbruyelle
  • @wgallagher


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