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Specification for a simple, G-CODE like, text-based robot control protocol. 📄

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MicroPede Robot Control Protocol.

M01 V50 X15 Y42 Z1.6 A-3.1 B0 C3.1

Work in progress 😃

Design Goals The protocol was designed to be a very simple to use method to control hobby robotic arms. Since all commands are in plain text, they can easily be manually written and send over serial via screen to the robot, to control it in a adhoc fashion. 🤖

  • simple to use 😎
  • text based 📖
  • g-code like 💻
  • extensible ±


  S      Q     X3.1        \n

MRCP is used to frame instructions sent to the mrc and define the execution mode. The first symbol S denotes the start of an MRCP command. The second symbol E/W/Q is used to set the execution mode. A instruction can be executed immidiately E - execute, added to a in memory queue Q and therefore exequted sequentially (only 300 Bytes fit in memory, use B to receive the free queue). W is used to store the instruction in the EEProm storage. If a instructions are stored in the EEProm, the MRC will automatically loop through them until the execution mode is changed to Q or the EEProm is cleared single W.


S Q X3.1 Y42 Z1.6 \n
S - start character
Q - move command
X,Y,Z - target coordinates

S Q  X3.1 Y42 Z1.6  \n
+ +  +-----------+  +----+
| |  |                   |
| |  +->payload          |
| |                      |
| +---->execution method |
|                        |
+------>start/end <------+

Execution Mode

character command description
Q {mri} queue in add the mri (MP robot instruction) to the execution queue.
Q clear queue clear the inctruction queue.
E {mri} execute immediately execute mri.
W {mri} write write mri to EEPROM.
W clear EEPROM clear EEPROM.


MicroPede Robot Instruction Language. A MRIL instruction is a string, comprising one or more commands.

<mril> example: M01 X10 Y-5 Z3 I0 1

A command is the combination of a symbol, a single digit option (optional) and multiple digit value (including sign).

<command>[<option>][<value>] example: R5 -30.1

The MRC is statefull, meaning that previous commands are still applied if the current instruction does not override them. E.g. setting a velocity V10. All sucessive instructions still implicitly use V10 even if they do not set the velocity again.



char command syntax example description
M movement method M{method:00/01/02} M00 00 - P2P; 01 - Linear; 02 - Circular
V velocity V{velocity:0-999} V100 Sets linear or angular velocity based on M command! [deg/s, mm/s]
X x coordinate X{coordinate:±0-999} X 0
Y y coordinate Y{coordinate:±0-999} Y -12.3
Z z coordinate Z{coordinate:±0-999} Z 0.5
A euler angle a A{angle(deg):±0-360} A270 Euler in Z->Y->X rotation order, moving axis.
B euler angle b B{angle(deg):±0-360} B180
C euler angle c C{angle(deg):±0-360} C55
R axis rotation R{joint:0-9}{rot(deg):{±0-360} R2 90 R7 0 set target rotation. Additional axis (6-9) may be used
T anchor circ. move T{axis:0-2}{coordinate:±0-999} T0 2 T1 5 T2 -5 set anchor point for circular movement interpolation


char command syntax example description returns example
I wait for input I{pin number:0-9}{state:0/1} I9 0 wait for pin 9 to be LOW/0
O set output O{pin number:0-9}{state:0/1} O3 1 set pin 3 to HIGH


char command syntax example description returns example
D delay D{ms:0-99999} D 2000 wait 2s
# comment #{comment:0-9,a-z} # home pos


char command syntax example description returns example
N instruction number N{number:0-9999} N142 command number 142 N{0-executing/1-executed:0/1}{number:0-9999} N1 142
X get X coordinate X X returns current X coordinate X{coordinate:±0-999} X -12
Y get Y coordinate Y Y returns current Y coordinate Y{coordinate:±0-999} Y 5
Z get Z coordinate Z Z returns current Z coordinate Z{coordinate:±0-999} Z -99
A get A coordinate A A returns current A coordinate A{coordinate:±0-360} A 0
B get B coordinate B B returns current B coordinate B{coordinate:±0-360} B -180
C get C coordinate C C returns current C coordinate C{coordinate:±0-360} C 120

Example MRCP + Instructions

# Use Queue to wait for logic and execute instruction sequentially
S Q M00 R0 0 R1 0 R2 0 R3 0 R4 0 R5 0 \n # Move P2P to all axis 0 position 
S Q I0 1 \n                              # Wait for input 0 to be HIGH
S Q M01 X0 \n                            # Move linar to X 0
S Q O1 0 O2 0 X22 Y-10 \n                # Sets outputs 1,2 to LOW and moves to x:22,y:-10

# Use Execute to query for status
S E XZA \n                               # Get the current values of X,Z and A (returns :X3.1Z1.6A180)
S E X3.1 Y42 Z1.6 A180 B0 C180 \n        # Execute the instruction move to 3.1,42,1.6,180,0,180 immediately

# Use Write to store instructions on EEProm
S W X3.1 Y42 Z1.6 A180 B0 C180 \n        # Writes the instruction move to 3.1,42,1.6,180,0,180 to EEProm

Atom Syntax Highlighting - Grammar

If you use Atom and want syntax highlighting for MRIL, clone the language-mril directory and run apm link inside. Atom should automatically detect MRIL files by filextension .mril.


Specification for a simple, G-CODE like, text-based robot control protocol. 📄






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