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Misc tools for use in command shells
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Misc tools for use in command shells.

  • : A bash profile include for managed concurrency in the bash shell.

  • A bash profile include for creating a new directory and moving things into it, a little like OS X's "new folder with selection" finder operation.

  • A python utility for sorting the output of the command du -h. Useful if your sort command doesn't support the -h flag.

  • A bash shell function that takes a number of seconds and prints it in years, hours, minutes, seconds. Designed for use by other shell functions. Examples of operation:

      $ fmt_duration 35000000
      1 year, 39 days, 20 hours, 13 minutes, 20 seconds
      $ fmt_duration 10
      10 seconds
  • Implements the random.randrange python function on the command line. For example, 1 1000 returns a number between one and one thousand.

  • An OS X tool that returns the name of a randomly-selected text-to-speech voice. The voices are chosen from the set of voices installed on the system (the output of say -v '?').

  • A command-line utility for viewing documents with quicklook. Wraps qlmanage -p with some convenient type handling.

  • A command-line utility for generating the arguments necessary to exclude and prune a list of paths from a find search. If there's more than a few it can get really silly. For example:

      $ find / $(fexclude /etc /var /.* /tmp /mnt /root /cdrom /nfs) -newerct '2 days ago'

    Is an easier shortcut for:

      find / -not ( ( -path /etc -o -path /var -o -path /.* -o -path /tmp -o -path /mnt -o -path /root -o -path /cdrom -o -path /nfs ) -prune ) -newerct 2 days ago
  • A smallish util for reporting characters the terminal is getting (in raw mode), inspired by xev

All files available under a BSD-style license. See LICENSE.txt for complete details.

More coming soon.

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