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Parse degrees minutes seconds coordinates to decimal degrees
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A robust parser for degrees, minutes, seconds latitude and longitude values, with comprehensive tests.


Try it out in the browser.


var parseDMS = require('parse-dms');

parseDMS('59°12\'7.7"N 02°15\'39.6"W')

Returns an object with properties lat lon if it can infer them, or a single number if only one coordinate is provided and it cannot infer lat or lon.

If a DMS coordinate pair is given with no hemisphere letters, then the order is assumed to be lat, lon.

Will throw an error if it cannot parse the string or if degrees, minutes, or seconds are out of range.

Should be able to handle most weird ways that people write DMS values, but if you find one that it cannot handle please submit an issue, or better, submit a pull request with a new test. The regex used is here:

See test/index.js for more details on what it can parse.

Run tests

npm test


Pull requests welcome with tests.

Release History

  • 0.0.1 Initial release
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