Demo of basic Active MQ use in Java.
Java Ruby
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This project contains Java code which uses JMS messaging, and which has been
tested with Active MQ versions:

- 5.0.0
- 5.2.0
- 5.5.0

Note:  this is an Eclipse project.  However, the Java JAR files required to 
compile and run this code are not provided here.  See the '.classpath' file
in this directory to understand what JAR files are required.  Setting this
up properly will require modifications to the Eclipse project's properties, 
specifically the build path.  The basic requirements for this are:

- Apache's LOG4J
- Apache's Active MQ

You will also have to configure your Eclipse run configurations for some of
these examples with the proper arguments.




To Do List

:TODO Command line build and run (scripts and/or Apache ant)
:TODO Isolate AMQ imports to one or two classes in their own package
      (Factory / Builder ???) 
:TODO ???? What else ????



Around December 2007 I started converting my personal SVN projects to git.  
This was one of the first projects converted.

This project has been stagnant since then, and just recently (February 2009) 
loaded to github.

For github users:  forks and patches are very welcome!!  I will accept any
reasonable and working set of patches.  Please supply a driver method at
a minimum (for testing).  I will review, test, commit and push as time 

There is a lot possible with AMQ.  I have just touched the surface.


Recently added: Companion Ruby producer and consumer.  AMQ allows easy integration
of JMS and STOMP.


License:  None really folks.  This is pure public as far as I am concerned.

Please keep my name and @author tags in the comments.  Not a requirement but
a polite request.