A standalone Berkshelf /universe endpoint that can run independently of goiardi. See README for important notes on this experimental program.
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An experimental standalone /universe endpoint.


go get -t github.com/go-chef/universe

Important: Right now, this program depends on goiardi libs from an unreleased version of goiardi. After getting the dependencies, go into $GOPATH/src/github.com/ctdk/goiardi and run git checkout 1.0.0-dev, then run go install github.com/ctdk/goiardi, then rebuild universe with go install github.com/go-chef-universe.


Currently it uses all the same options as goiardi. Unfortunately at the moment universe will only work with the in-memory data storage saved to disk, because the goiardi work for organizations isn't far enough along for it to work with the databases. To actually have any cookbooks, you'll need to run goiardi in in-memory mode with disk persistence, load up cookbooks, and then shut it down and run universe with the same command-line arguments.

Important Noteworthy Notes

  • As mentioned, this depends on a development branch of goiardi.
  • Some functions from goiardi were copy-pasted into here that turned out to be more broadly useful. Soon on the goiardi side they will be moved into their own library, but for testing it out it's staying this way for a bit.
  • As also mentioned previously, it only works with the in-mem datastore because goiardi+orgs isn't far enough along yet to support the databases. All in good time.