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.travis.yml: use go vet instead of go tool vet

As of Go 1.12, go tool vet is no longer supported.¹
Start using the go vet command instead.

Use RCS format for gofmt diff. It results in cleaner,
easier to read gofmt diffs.

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dmitshur committed Nov 26, 2019
1 parent 6ff915f commit 246eb5acdb97225040be515a2c5c56253bd01f73
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@@ -15,6 +15,6 @@ install:
- # Do nothing. This is needed to prevent default install action "go get -t -v ./..." from happening here (we want it to happen inside script step).
- go get -t -v ./...
- diff -u <(echo -n) <(gofmt -d -s .)
- go tool vet .
- diff -n <(echo -n) <(gofmt -d -s .)
- go vet ./...
- go test -v -race ./...

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