Buffalo auth plugin helps adding username password authentication to your app
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Auth Generator for Buffalo


$ go get -u github.com/gobuffalo/buffalo-auth


To generate a basic username / password authentication you can run:

$ buffalo generate auth

This will do:

  • Generate User authentication actions in actions/auth.go:

    • AuthNew
    • AuthCreate
    • AuthDestroy
  • Generate User signup actions in actions/users.go:

    • UsersNew
    • UsersCreate
  • Generate User model and migration ( model will be in models/user.go):

  • Generate Auth Middlewares

    • SetCurrentUser
    • Authorize
  • Add actions and middlewares in app.go:

    • [GET] /users/new -> UsersNew
    • [POST] /users -> UsersCreate
    • [GET] /signin -> AuthNew
    • [POST] /signin -> AuthCreate
    • [DELETE] /signout -> AuthDestroy
  • Use middlewares for all your actions and skip

    • HomeHandler
    • UsersNew
    • UsersCreate
    • AuthNew
    • AuthCreate

User model Fields

Sometimes you would want to add extra fields to the user model, to do so, you can pass those to the auth command and use the pop notation for those fields, for example:

$ buffalo auth first_name last_name phone_number notes:text

Will generate a User model (inside models/user.go) that looks like:

type User struct {
  ID                   uuid.UUID `json:"id" db:"id"`
  CreatedAt            time.Time `json:"created_at" db:"created_at"`
  UpdatedAt            time.Time `json:"updated_at" db:"updated_at"`
  Email                string    `json:"email" db:"email"`
  PasswordHash         string    `json:"password_hash" db:"password_hash"`
  FirstName            string    `json:"first_name" db:"first_name"`
  LastName             string    `json:"last_name" db:"last_name"`
  Notes                string    `json:"notes" db:"notes"`
  Password             string    `json:"-" db:"-"`
  PasswordConfirmation string    `json:"-" db:"-"`