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Customize Textpattern's Atom and RSS feeds output

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Customize the output of your feeds with Textpattern tags, like any other form.


  • Textpattern v4.2.0 or newer.
  • PHP5


The plugin uses a Form partial called rah_feed_body customize feeds output. The automatic setup should have created it, but if it didn’t, you can create the form as normal. This form will hold your RSS and Atom feed’s item body contents. You can use Textpattern tags, including individual article tags, as you would with a normal page template.


A form partial named rah_feed_body can be used to customize feed items’ output. For example, the form markup could look something like this:

<txp:excerpt />
<p><txp:permlink>Read more...</txp:permlink></p>

Snippet above outputs an excerpt and a read more link.


Version 0.2 – 2012/07/12

  • Improved help file.
  • Use plugin-lifecycle callbacks to remove the added form during uninstall.
  • Now requires PHP5 or newer.

Version 0.1 – 2008/01/22

  • Initial release.
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