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Enables all the DLCs. Like Creamapi but just for linux and a subset of Paradox games.
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Enables all the DLCs. Like Creamapi but just for linux and Paradox games.

Works with EU4, HOI4, Stellaris and CK2.

1- First, update the dependencies.

Note: If you get SSH errors, make sure your gitlab (not github!) keys are in order.

$ git submodule update --init --recursive

2- Add the game

First run the following

$ ./add "<game name>" "<path to game>"

where "<game name>" is lowercase. E.g.

$ ./add "hoi4" "$(pwd)/hoi4_local"

Then select the game you added:

$ ./choose 1

3a- Steam Users

If you bought the game via steam, make sure steam is running in the background. You won't need steam functional after the install.

Proceed to download the appropriate DLC pack and extract it into the ./apps/<game name>/dlc folder. You might have to create the folder if it is not present.

Then run this script:

$ ./install_copy

3b- Non-steam Users

Otherwise, if your installation already comes with all the DLCs just run this script:

$ ./install

3- Waiting... (EU4 Only)

Wait for the launcher to appear, closing it when it does. This might happen after the install script completes or during.

4- Enjoy!

Now, in the future, you can start the game with this command:

$ ./run 

Hey Gentz, where can I find the DLC packs?

Or, hey Gentz, where can I find full game installs?

Google it.

What about multiple installs?

Good question. You can add multiple game like this:

$ ./add "eu4" "$(pwd)/eu4_local"
$ ./add "eu4" "$HOME/.steam/root/steamapps/common/Europa Universalis IV"
$ ./add "ck2" "$(pwd)/ck2_local"
$ ./add "stellaris" "$(pwd)/stellaris_local"
$ ./add "hoi4" "$(pwd)/hoi4_local"

You can then select them using the choose command. choose accepts a number between 1 and infinity, selecting the nth add. ./install{,_copy} and ./run will operate on you're chosen game. You can confirm you chose the right game because choose will output your selection. E.g:

$ ./choose 2
eu4 /home/gentz/.steam/root/steamapps/common/Europa Universalis IV

$ ./run
[Runs eu4]

$ ./choose 1
eu4 /home/gentz/Documents/hookey /hookey/eu4_local

$ ./install
[Installs that other eu4]

$ ./run
[Runs that other eu4]

What about my achievements?

While the previous Hookey supported achievements because it only intercepted a subset of the Steamworks API, the new Hookey does not.

We have switched to Mr_Goldberg's wonderful Goldberg Emulator, as that's a lesser maintenance burden on my poor soul. Goldberg Emulator, unlike the old Hookey, completely emulates the Steamworks API, and does not support achievements.

I personally never cared all too much for achievements, so so be it.

This comes with some benefits, of course. Now Steam is not required to run in the background!

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