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Machine learning for Godot Engine
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Tensorflow 2.0alpha for Godot

<Wikipedia> TensorFlow is a free and open-source software library for dataflow and differentiable programming across a range of tasks. It is a symbolic math library, and is also used for machine learning applications such as neural networks.

This is Tensorflow for Godot Engine. The demo classifies an image into labels. This is a base for more interesting ideas like image upscaling, ai bots, chat bots, animations and others.


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Setup Instructions

  • Get depot tools.
  • Fetch the client
  • Compile godot
  • Open the example project
  • Run the game
  • See classification of the image



Download the depot_tools bundle and extract it somewhere.

Add depot_tools to the start of your PATH (must be ahead of any installs of Python). Assuming you unzipped the bundle to C:\workspace\depot_tools:

With Administrator access: Control Panel → System and Security → System → Advanced system settings

Modify the PATH system variable to include C:\workspace\depot_tools.

Without Administrator access: Control Panel → User Accounts → User Accounts → Change my environment variables

Add a PATH user variable: C:\workspace\depot_tools;%PATH%.

Go to godot-tensorflow-workspace and run gclient sync.

Go to src/thirdparty/godot and compile using scons p=windows tools=yes -j8.

Use as reference.

Execute the binary in src/thirdparty/godot/bin and open the project.


git clone
cd godot-tensorflow-workspace
PATH=$PATH:../depot_tools gclient sync


git clone
cd godot-tensorflow-workspace
PATH=$PATH:../depot_tools gclient sync

Build System

For the build system:

sudo apt install git-lfs python
git clone
cd godot-tensorflow-workspace
PATH=$PATH:../depot_tools gclient sync


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