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tpl/collections: Add some empty slice tests to intersect

See #3686
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bep committed Jul 8, 2017
1 parent dbbc5c4 commit e0cf2e05bbdcb8b4a3f875df84a878f4ca80e904
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  1. +4 −0 tpl/collections/collections_test.go
@@ -344,6 +344,10 @@ func TestIntersect(t *testing.T) {
{pagesVals{p1v, p4v, p2v, p3v}, pagesVals{p1v, p3v, p3v}, pagesVals{p1v, p3v}},
{[]interface{}{p1, p4, p2, p3}, []interface{}{p4, p2, p2}, []interface{}{p4, p2}},
{[]interface{}{p1v, p4v, p2v, p3v}, []interface{}{p1v, p3v, p3v}, []interface{}{p1v, p3v}},
{pagesPtr{p1, p4, p2, p3}, pagesPtr{}, pagesPtr{}},
{pagesVals{}, pagesVals{p1v, p3v, p3v}, pagesVals{}},
{[]interface{}{p1, p4, p2, p3}, []interface{}{}, []interface{}{}},
{[]interface{}{}, []interface{}{p1v, p3v, p3v}, []interface{}{}},
} {
errMsg := fmt.Sprintf("[%d]", test)

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