@mdtanrikulu mdtanrikulu released this Nov 15, 2018 · 224 commits to develop since this release

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  • Fix issues in the Golem onboarding flow (first launch of an application)
  • Better statistics reporting to stats.golem.network
  • Improvements to the provider state RPC call
  • Stability improvements to the integration tests

@mdtanrikulu mdtanrikulu released this Oct 25, 2018 · 264 commits to develop since this release

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  • fixes golemcli account info command on mainnet (#3491)
  • unify the addresses stored in the payment history (#3492)
  • fix issues with verification timeouts in the new verificator (#3493)

@ktomala ktomala released this Oct 23, 2018 · 274 commits to develop since this release

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Golem core

  • enable nVidia GPU rendering for Linux providers (#3045 / #3385)
  • eliminate unecessary propagation of timed-out tasks in Golem network (#3259)
  • address a deficiency in the VirtualBox driver during both initial installation and update (#3369)
  • add an ability to specify the main scene file through CLI (#3388)
  • replace "Docker Toolbox" with "Docker for Mac" on OSX (#3203)


  • update the connection_status RPC call to expose raw status data (#2702)
  • add support for getting the current provider status through RPC (#2817)
  • add tasks purge call to RPC to clean-up old tasks (#3303)
  • add WAMP Challenge-Response authentication and enable roles for the RPC communications (#3171)
  • add golemcli support for the comp.tasks.check (task test) RPC call (#3062)
  • return the task id in the Client.{create,restart}_task: RPC calls (#3031)


  • add an RPC endpoint to provide the current deposit balance (#3290)
  • wait for requestor deposit confirmation when adding tasks with Concent service enabled (#3247)
  • verify requestors' balance and deposit (#3191)
  • correct support for the task's concent_enabled flag (#3304 / #3333 / #3227)
  • RPC support for deposit transactions (#3278)
  • ensure that the provider is able to specify their Ethereum address in the TaskToCompute message (include modified WantToComputeTask in TTC) (#3314)

Golem Electron (front-end)

  • GPU support
  • File/folder dialogs for Windows & Linux
  • Support for custom datadir & custom RPC address
  • Challenge-Response Authentication implemented
  • Connecting network issue fixed on Windows
  • Excessive CPU usage problems resolved
  • UX improvements


  • add a local Golem integration test with Concent disabled (#3214)
  • fix the issue with deadlocking Docker job
  • fixes and improvements to golem automated test suite
  • various fixes and stability improvements to Golem Core

@ktomala ktomala released this Sep 7, 2018 · 714 commits to develop since this release

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Golem Core

  • support for sharing of performance information between Golem nodes
  • support for new local test result GUI
  • DockerToolbox upgrade to 18.06.0 and fix for VirtualBox Driver service setup after upgrade
  • support for partial task restart
  • various stability improvements and optimizations
  • better support for interoperation between Golem clients of differing versions

Blender Verification

  • improvements to blender result verification and verification error handling
  • BlenderReferenceGenerator refactor
  • Golem-Verificator without docker-py / docker dependency

Transaction subsystem

  • improvements to incoming transaction tracking
  • refactor TransactionSystem to have its own Ethereum key to allow ethereum account vs Golem identity separation
  • separate the TransactionSystem's data directory
  • Cleanup overdue income events

Concent support

  • fix issue preventing upload of files to Concent
  • partial support for Concent's Force Payment use case
  • fix issues with Concent integration tests


  • New local task test component applied
  • New History list
  • Restart modal implementation
  • Public key validation fix
  • Provider switch logic fixed
  • Wording fixes

@ktomala ktomala released this Jul 31, 2018 · 852 commits to develop since this release

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  • Introduce netmasking to improve robustness of the networking layer
  • Improve Blender verification
  • Update docker toolbox version
  • Improve geth support
  • Use actual gas price for fee calculation
  • Improve Golem's Smart Contracts Interface
  • Improve handling of users' GNT funds in certain edge case scenarios
  • Add better gas cost estimation for ETH withdrawals
  • Add Support for Concent Additional Verification use case
  • Add Concent ForcePayment acceptance tests
  • Add Concent integration tests
  • Tweak Golem/Concent time constants
  • Various RPC/CLI improvements
  • Various fixes for Golem<->Concent communication
  • Fix new version detection in the Golem client

@maaktweluit maaktweluit released this Jun 28, 2018 · 1160 commits to develop since this release

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  • Payments system refactor: transactions are re-broadcasted anytime they go missing from the tx pool and we stop doing it only after they are confirmed by required number of blocks.
  • Web3 library update
  • Bugfixes & optimizations

@mfranciszkiewicz mfranciszkiewicz released this Jun 6, 2018 · 1194 commits to develop since this release

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  • Different, optimized cryptographic methods for message signing and serializing
  • New additional settings for choosing providers based on their performance
  • Updated Terms of Use
  • Possibility to define the number of samples per pixel in Blender scenes
  • Improved verification metrics for comparing images
  • More friendly CLI options results, eg. "golemcli res show" or "golemcli task subtasks"
  • Modified runtime environment configurations
  • GNT is converted to GNTB as soon as possible: in previous versions, GNT was automatically converted to GNTB when it was necessary, Ie. when a user was trying to add a new task. From now on, we'll be doing the conversion earlier, right when we have enough ETH to cover the gas price.
  • Bugfixes & optimizations

@badb badb released this Apr 24, 2018 · 1518 commits to develop since this release

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  • Possibility to restart single subtask after task deadline
  • Less restrictive eth for gas usage estimation
  • RPC call that displays number of subtask that is going to be used by Golem for given scene parameters
  • Changes and fixes in golemcli tasks show
  • Checks that task id and subtask id were generated by requestor
  • Fixed task persistence
  • Sync payment processor on startup
  • Task duration computation changed
  • Send RemoveTask message after task is finished
  • Additional logs for funds locks
  • Fix error in preview_update
  • Fix bug exec_cmd for exr creation
  • HyperG update - share timeouts
  • Send verification metrics to golem

@mfranciszkiewicz mfranciszkiewicz released this Apr 10, 2018 · 1581 commits to develop since this release

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Main feature of the new release is the support for the Ethereum mainnet. You can now connect Golem to Ethereum mainnet and earn/spend real GNT for computation (please remember that you also need a little bit ETH to make transaction on Ethereum blockchain with Golem).


  • Ethereum mainnet version of Golem service
  • final version of terms of use
  • default prices decreased
  • support for geth.golem.network domain
  • improved payment-related logs
  • prevent payments to zero address and to requestor’s address
  • funds are unlocked after task is deleted or has timed out
  • GNT/ETH withdrawals added
  • bugfixes and cleanups


  • Bignumber.js implementation
  • Mainnet RPC fully connected
  • Safe termination implemented on Windows
  • Gas cost estimates added for withdrawals
  • Onboarding screen updated
  • New header/menu style applied
Luxrender disabled on mainnet
  • Custom geth option refurbished

  • Advanced resource units & related calculations updated
  • Terms and conditions implemented
Client-side password printing mechanism implemented

  • History timestamp bug fixed

  • Minor UI bugfixes
  • UX bugfixes & implementations