Golem is creating a global market for computing power.
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The aim of the Golem project is to create a global prosumer market for computing power, in which producers may sell spare CPU time of their personal computers and consumers may acquire resources for computation-intensive tasks. In technical terms, Golem is designed as a decentralised peer-to-peer network established by nodes running the Golem client software. For the purpose of this paper we assume that there are two types of nodes in the Golem network: requestor nodes that announce computing tasks and compute nodes that perform computations (in the actual implementation nodes may switch between both roles).

Installing and testing

For Mac OS X (ver. 10.12 (Sierra) or later) follow the installation instruction from here. For Ubuntu (16.04 or higher) download script, make it executable chmod +x install.sh and run ./install.sh. For MS Windows 10 download the installer from here; when downloaded, just run setup.exe.

Then read the application description and testing instruction.

Golem for macOS

Golem Linux script

Golem MS Windows installer

All released packages are located here, however, we strongly encourage you to use prepared installers.

Usage & troubleshoothing

Documentation for using app is here: https://docs.golem.network/

The most common problems are described in section 9: https://golem.network/documentation/09-common-issues-troubleshooting/


Golem Project is a work in progress. Current version is an alpha stage of Brass Golem and it's not fully secured. Check this list of issues for more details. Please be sure that you understand the risk before installing the software.


Golem is open source and distributed under GPLv3 license.


Golem communicates with external technologies some of them may be downloaded and install with Golem package:



Job offers


Help us develop the application by submitting issues and bugs. See instruction here.

You can also send us an email to contact@golem.network or talk to us on chat.golem.network.