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Ach is an Inter-Process Communication (IPC) mechanism and library. It
is especially suited for communication in real-time systems that
sample data from physical processes. Ach eliminates the Head-of-Line
Blocking problem for applications that always require access to the
newest message. Ach is efficient, robust, and formally verified. It
has been tested and demonstrated on a variety of physical robotic
systems. Source code for Ach is available under an Open Source
BSD-style license.
`./configure && make && make install'
See the INSTALL file for details.
* Example and Usage *
- Example Code: ./src/ach-example.c
- Shell Tool `ach': can be used to create channels:
- Create a channel `ach -C CHANNEL_NAME'
- Delete a channel `ach -U CHANNEL_NAME'
- Display channel stats `ach -D CHANNEL_NAME'
- View options `ach -H'
* Formal Model *
Ach has been formally verified using the SPIN model checker. This
formal model is included in the sourc distribution under the ./spin/
* Performance/Benchmarks *
To evaluate the performance of ach on your machine, you can use the
included `ach-bench' program to test messaging latency. See the shell
script `src/run-benchmarks' which runs the benchmark with a variety of
* Further Details *
A technical report describing design and rationale behind Ach is available at:
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