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@denzs denzs released this Sep 7, 2020

  • allow prefix overriding from dynamicconfigoutgoing
  • allow dialstring overriding from mod_db entries
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@denzs denzs released this Apr 30, 2018

  • config parameters for t.38 handling have changed
    • removed freeswitch/disablet38
    • added gofaxd/enablet38 and gofaxd/requestt38
    • added gofaxsend/enablet38 and gofaxsend/requestt38
  • code refactoring - by corny
  • fixed missing hangup after rxfax() - by sjaeckel
  • HylaFax Dialrules are considered now - by sjaeckel
  • automatic fallback to 9600 and ecm after configurable number of retries - by icebear0815
    • see gofaxd.conf parameters disablev17afterretry and disableECMafterretry for details
  • allow configuration of the sip displayname for outgoing faxes
    • see gofaxd.conf parameter cidname for details
  • allow configuration of hangupcauses which will not be retried by hylafax
    • see parameter failedresponse in gofax.conf
  • documentation updated
  • depending on your setup you could suffer from FreeSWITCH Issue FS-10824
    • if you encounter problems with hanging channels after sending, try to downgrade FreeSwitch to 1.6.16
    • see #31 for further information
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@denzs denzs released this Mar 9, 2017

  • updated documentation
  • Allow selecting SIP gateway per job in DynamicConfigOutgoing
  • Add receiving gateway to DynamicConfig and faxrcvd arguments
  • various small fixes
  • Exit with 0 not 1 on shutdown
  • Set $TRANSFER_RATE and $HANGUPCAUSE in faxrcvd environment
  • Xferfaxlog: must use the same quoting behavious as hylafax
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@markuslindenberg markuslindenberg released this Dec 1, 2016

This release contains no functional changes, it just updates the repository layout and import paths to enable installation using go get. A proper debian directory is added, replacing the FPM-based package build scripts used before.

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@markuslindenberg markuslindenberg released this Apr 7, 2016

As the current state is well tested and used we shall call it 1.0

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