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Arduino NFC tag reader


  • Read NFC tag
  • validate the id of the tag against remote server
  • if tag id is a valid one then trigger a digital output. If none then trigger another digital output

MFRC522 Connection

  • sda: 10 (*) -> 8
  • sck: 13
  • Mosi: 11
  • Miso: 12
  • Rq: --
  • Gnd: Gnd
  • Rst: 9
  • 3.3V: 3.3V

(*) Take care: If we use ethernet shield with a MFRC522 there's a SPI conflict (due to ethernet shield's SD card reader). We need to use another sda pin (here I'm using pin 8 instead of 10) and disable w5100 SPI before configure ethernet

// disable w5100 SPI
pinMode(10, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(10, HIGH);



  • A simple TCP server with node
  • To start the server
node node/server.js


Validate NFC tags against node TCP server with arduino