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GoodData JS SDK

Thin javascript abstraction over the GoodData REST API

Getting started


Using as a npm package

  1. go to your project directory and add the package:
    → with yarn: yarn add @gooddata/gooddata-js
    → with npm: npm install --save @gooddata/gooddata-js

    WARNING: npm package renamed from gooddata to @gooddata/gooddata-js

  2. import the package's default export:
    → in transpiled browser app with ES6 modules syntax: import { factory } from '@gooddata/gooddata-js';
    → in node.js with CommonJS syntax: const factory = require('@gooddata/gooddata-js').factory;

  3. call the API:

    var gooddata = factory({ domain: '' });
    gooddata.user.login('', 'your-secret-password')
        .then((response) => console.log('Login OK', response))
        .catch((apiError) => console.error('Login failed', apiError, "\n\n", apiError.responseBody));
  4. Please note that CORS could prevent the request. Refer to your options in GoodData.UI documentation, ie. setup local proxy or ask the GoodData platform for allowing a specific domain.

Using as a standalone library

You have two options:

  • download gooddata.js or gooddata.min.js from the latest release
  • build on your own:
    git clone
    cd gooddata-js
    git checkout v6.0.0 # choose a version, or omit this line to use unstable code from `master` branch
    yarn install --pure-lockfile
    yarn build
    # get gooddata.js and gooddata.min.js from /dist folder

Then you can import the library file and global variable gooddata contains all exported members:

<script type="text/javascript" src="gooddata.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var sdk = gooddata.factory({ domain: '' });
    sdk.user.login('', 'your-secret-password')


We welcome any contribution in form of issues or pull requests.

Install Node.js (node 12.16.1, npm v6.13.4) and Yarn 1.22.4.

These commands may come in handy while developing:

command description
yarn install --frozen-lockfile first step
yarn dev build gooddata-js to /dist in watch mode
yarn test run unit tests in watch mode
yarn validate validate codestyle (tslint)
yarn build build commonjs /lib and bundle files to /dist
grunt yuidoc:compile build yui docs to /docs

Do not forget to update when contributing.


Only for internal gooddata developers

NPM package publishing

Package publishing is done via Jenkins Job:

SDK API documentation publishing

To publish API documentation you have to prompt following commands:

command description
1. yarn build
2. grunt bump-gh-pages Publishes documentation



(C) 2007-2018 GoodData Corporation

For more information, please see LICENSE

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