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Regions, Swapping, and Transitions

Some simple view helpers that make common backbone patterns nicer. The module goes against convention and does not provide any new classes on the Backbone namespace. Instead, this module exposes namespaces that you can mixin to your view at your own discretion.

When you require('backbone.present'), you'll be returned an object with the following properties:

  • regions - Mixin for view region support
  • swapper - Mixin for view swapping support
  • transitions - Transitions object that swapper uses

Also Note: I use requirejs and this module requires that at the moment. I'll get around to building a version that does not..


Declaratively assign views to elements:

var Backbone = require('backbone');
var _ = require('underscore');
var Present = require('backbone.present');

// Make all views have regions
_.extend(Backbone.View.prototype, Present.regions);

// Create application view/layout
var MyApp = Backbone.View.extend({
  // Specify regionName: '.selector'
  regions: {
    // The header region is applied to the .header element
    header:   '.app-header'
  , content:  '.app-content'
  , sidebar:  '.app-sidebar'

  // Map regionName: backboneViewInstance
, children: {
    header:   new Views.AppHeader()
  , content:  new Views.AppContent()
  , sidebar:  new Views.AppSidebar()

Methods from regions:


Applies the regions on the view.


Easily show, hide, views.

var Present = require('backbone.present');

// Make all views have swappers
_.extend(Backbone.View.prototype, Present.swapper);

// Create application content view swapper
var AppContent = Backbone.View.extend({
  // Map viewIdentifiers: viewInstances or constructors
  children: {
    'page-1': Views.Page1
  , 'page-2': Views.Page2
  , 'page-3': new Views.Page3()

var appContent = new AppContent();

// Optionally pass a callback to get reference to view
// after the view has been shown
// If you do not pass a callback, swapper automatically calls
// view.render() for you
appContent.changeView('page-1', function( view ){
  view.model = someOtherModel;

// Hides page-1, shows page-2 using default transitions
// When instantiating page-2, pass in options
// If page-2 is already instantiated, pass to onShow method
appContent.changeView('page-2', { model: myModel });

Methods for Swapper:

get( child )

Return the child view. Same thing as swapperView.children[ child ].

provideChildren( children )

Sets the this.children object. May be an object of View constructors or instances of View constructors.


Renders the currently shown view.

changeView( child, [options] )

Returns the child view. Swaps out the current view with the child specified.

onShow( options )

Optionally, you can implement your own onShow method that will be called with the options passed in from showView after the view has been shown.


Optionally, you can implement your own onHide method that will be called just before the view has been hidden.


  • transition (Backbone.Present ships with none and fade)
  • onViewAAnimationStart - function( previousView ) called before transition animation starts
  • onViewAAnimationEnd - function( previousView ) called after transition animation completes
  • onViewBAnimationStart - function( currentView ) called before transition animation starts
  • onViewBAnimationEnd - function( currentView ) called after transition animation completes


Present currently ships with two transitions: none and fade. Here's how to use them:

appContent.changeView('page-2', {
  // Pass along transition options along with the onShow/initialize options
  // Transition options will be removed before they're passed to the view
  transition: 'fade'
, model: myModel

Why not use Backbone.Chaplin|Marionette|LayoutManager

Because I'm lazy I don't know jeez get off my back.


View regions, swapping, transitions






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