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AIY Projects

This repository contains an easy-to-use Python API for the AIY Vision Kit and AIY Voice Kit. The code for all AIY kits is in the aiyprojects branch, and is included in images starting with aiyprojects-2017-12-18.img. The previous voicekit branch contains code just for the Voice Kit, and the master branch contains the original deprecated Voice Recognizer demo.


If you're just getting started with the Vision or Voice kit, see the assembly guide and other maker guides at

If you just need the Python API reference, see Also have a look at the example code.

If you want to flash the latest AIY system image or install AIY packages on an existing Raspbian system, read the system updates guide.


You can also build an SD card image yourself using AIY Projects Tools.

Bugs & Support

If you've found a bug, please review the known issues and report a new one.

If you've fixed a bug yourself, please send us a pull request! For details, read

If you're having trouble assembling your kit or running the demos, try the following links:

If you've found a problem with the Assistant API (for example, it crashes or provides incorrect responses), try the following: