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AIY Projects


This repository contains an easy-to-use API for the AIY Vision Kit and AIY Voice Kit. Have a look at example code to see how both kits can be used. Comprehensive documentation is at the AIY Projects Site.

If you're using Raspbian instead of Google's provided image, read for information on getting started.

For returning users. The code for all AIY kits is in the aiyprojects branch, and is included in images starting with aiyprojects-2017-12-18.img. The previous voicekit branch contains code just for the Voice Kit, and the master branch contains the original deprecated Voice Recognizer demo.


If you're having trouble assembling your kit or running the demos, you can try

If you've found a bug and fixed it yourself, please send us a pull request! Check for details.

If you've found a problem with the Assistant (for example, crashes in the library or incorrect responses), you can try