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Device Access Web Application Sample

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Device Access enables access, control, and management of Nest devices within partner apps, solutions, and smart home ecosystems, using the Smart Device Management (SDM) API.

Developers can use the code in this repository with the directions provided below to deploy a functioning web application to control Nest cameras, doorbells, and thermostats.

If you are new to Device Access, we recommend you to start with the Building a Device Access Web Application Codelab.

Deploying the Sample App

After creating a project on Firebase, use the steps below to deploy the sample app.

Clone the sample app:

git clone

Navigate into project directory:

cd device-access-sample-web-app

Link the app with your Firebase project:

firebase use --add [PROJECT-ID]

Deploy the app to your Firebase project:

firebase deploy

You can then access the app at your Hosting URL (https://[PROJECT-ID]

Using the Sample App

Enter the OAuth credentials you created on Google Cloud Platform, as well as the Project Id from Device Access Console to complete the account linking flow for a Google account with a linked Nest device.

Make sure to add the redirect url [PROJECT-ID] in list of authorized URLs for your Client Id on Google Cloud Platform to prevent Error 400: redirect_url_mismatch. More instructions on this can be found at Handling OAuth section from the Building a Device Access Web Application Codelab.

You can try out a live demo at


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