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GooGet (Googet's Obviously Only a Goofy Experimental Title) is a modular package repository solution primarily designed for Windows.

GooGet is shipped with the official Google Cloud Platform Windows images and is used to maintain the guest environment.

This is not an official Google product.


To build and package googet run

go run goopack/goopack.go googet.goospec

This will result in googet.exe and which can be installed on a machine with the googet install command (assuming googet is already installed).

To install on a fresh machine copy both googet.exe and the googet package over and run:

googet -root 'c:/ProgramData/GooGet' install googet

Conf file

GooGet has the ability to use a conf file to change a few of the default settings. Place a file named googet.conf in the googet root, which by default is C:\ProgramData\GooGet and configurable by the -root flag.

proxyserver: http://address_to_proxy:port
archs: [noarch, x86_64]
cachelife: 10m

Repo file

GooGet has the ability to use a repo file to change some repo specific settings. The file is named your-repo-name.repo by default. It can be used to set the source URL and indicate that the client should pass authorization headers in requests to the source URL.

  useoauth: true

Google Cloud Storage as a back-end

Googet supports using Google Cloud Storage as its server.

set GOOREPO=%TEMP%\googet-repo
set REPONAME=my_repo
mkdir %GOOREPO%\packages
go run goopack/goopack.go googet.goospec
copy *.goo %GOOREPO%\packages
go run server\gooserve.go -root %GOOREPO% -save_index %GOOREPO%\%REPONAME%\index
gsutil mb --project my-project my-googet-server
gsutil rsync -r %GOOREPO% gs://my-googet-server
googet addrepo gcs gs://my-googet-server

rem This command should print 'gcs: gs://my-googet-server'
googet listrepos

rem This command should list the googet package and any other packages in your repo
googet available -sources gs://my-googet-server/

Note that you must regenerate the index and re-upload it to your bucket each time you add or change packges.