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Session Encryption and Decryption with Keyczar

Encrypts a symmetric key using another keyczar key and uses it to communicate across a session


All data is stored as byte arrays. There is no support for encoding.


Encrypter keyEncrypter = new Encrypter("/path/to/your/keys");
SessionCrypter crypter = new SessionCrypter(keyEncrypter);
byte[] encryptedData = crypter.encrypt(data);
byte[] sessionMaterial = crypter.getSessionMaterial();

The sender now sends the sessionMaterial and encryptedData to the Reciever.


Crypter keyCrypter = new Crypter("/path/to/their/keys");
SessionCrypter sessionCrypter = new SessionCrypter(keyCrypter, sessionMaterial);
byte[] decryptedData = sessionCrypter.decrypt(encryptedData);


All data is input as python strings and ciphertext and session material is WebSafeBase64 encoded. There is no support for other encodings.


key_encrypter = Encrypter.Read("/path/to/your/keys")
crypter = SessionEncrypter(key_encrypter)
encrypted_data = crypter.Encrypt(data)
session_material = crypter.getSessionMaterial()

The sender now sends the sessionMaterial and encrypted_data to the Reciever.


key_crypter = Crypter.Read("/path/to/their/keys")
session_decrypter = SessionDecrypter(key_crypter, session_material)
decryptedData = session_decrypter.Decrypt(encrypted_data)


C++ Sessions are incompatible with Java and Python Sessions. Issue 131 (on Google Code)

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